Monday, September 8, 2008

Brieanna 9/8/08

I did some more questing on Brieanna today and got half way through level 25, only 5 more levels until I am mounted again, I can't wait. I did some quests in Wetlands and went to Arathi Highlands and got the flightpath. From there I ran to Southshore and turned in a quest and got the flightpath there. I killed a few level 30 Raptors (480xp for the first, rested, and 204xp for the 2nd and 3rd) in Arathi Highlands and got my first piece of Heavy Leather on this character. My skinning is now 196. My First Aid is 225 and I can't go any higher until level 35 when I can get the quest :(. My cooking is 112, kind of low, and my Mining is 21, really low. My fishing is 140 tho so that is coming along. I think fishing is one of the worst skills to have to level up when you are a high level. I did it on Gomorra and it was pretty bad but it wasn't as bad on Wranngar because I worked on his more while I was leveling. I will try to keep this one up to speed and not have to go through that at all. I will hit 26 tomorrow and try for 27, we will see what happens. I will have to get some screenshots in Wetlands tomorrow, I don't have many of this toon.


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