Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brieanna 9/9/08

I did some more questing on Brieanna today and now I am half way through level 26. I will hit 27 tomorrow and hopefully hit 29 Thursday. I did a lot of questing in Wetlands and went back to Duskwood to get a new wolf so I am in the process of training that again. I was questing with a couple guild members today, Brieanna is not in Blackmoor Coven, she is in "And Justice for All". It is a pretty good guild and most the members are willing to help out. I am more of a solo player but I group up when I can help someone or someone wants to group with me because we are questing in the same area. We were killing Raptors in Wetlands tonight, there were a few quests that involved doing that. I didn't remember to take any screenshots tonight so I have nothing new, I will make a note of it and get some tomorrow.


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