Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/6 - 10/08

I fought in 24 battles on Wranngar in the last 3 days. During that time I had AB for my daily once and AV for my daily twice. There is really not a whole lot to say, we are still doing bad in all battlegrounds especially EoS. I was in EoS yesterday and lost all 3 battles I was in, only 1 of them was even close. My daily today was AV and we won the first one I was in. As a matter of fact we are doing better in AV than we are in EoS if you can believe that. It took me 4 battles to get my AB daily done on the 6th. It took me 5 battles to get my daily in AV done yesterday too. Hopefully things will get better for us in the battlegrounds. I joined a pre-made EoS the other day but that worked out like most pre-mades do, we waited around for about 45 minutes then people started dropping out and we never did get to do a battle, that is why I usually don't join.


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