Sunday, October 5, 2008

Battlegrounds 10/5/08

Not a great day for the Alliance in the battlegrounds again today. I did get yesterdays daily done along with today's daily though. I fought in 20 total battles on Wranngar. Yesterday's daily was WSG, I tried one and it was so bad I dropped the quest. I picked it up again this morning before daily's rolled over and got it done on my first, and only, WSG battle. When the daily's rolled over I got today's which was AB. It took me 3 battles to get that one done but I got it done. After that I did a bunch of Eye of the Storm battles with a few AV's mixed in. We had 7 wins and 6 losses out of the 13 battles I fought in EoS. Once again it was going well then you could see when the quality of the players change. We went from 3 and 4 caps with running the flag to barely able to hang onto one tower while half the team, or more, was in the middle trying for flag. The flag means nothing when you only have one tower. Instead of hanging around in the middle trying to get the flag the time would be much better spent getting another tower. I think out of the last 8 battles I was in 6 of them were losses. The Alliance is still doing bad in AV with people taking SHGY and causing the battle plus all the AFK. There was also a lot of inexperience in there. People were calling out to kill Drek while we still had 3 towers up. The groups I was in didn't stand a chance of taking Drek down with 2 towers up let alone 3. We had one battle where we rushed Frostwolf and no one bothered with TP or IBT. By the time we got them it was too late. We had 1 win and 2 losses in AV.


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