Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I worked on both my characters tonight. I got Wranngar to level 72 and went and got his training done. I also got my skinning maxed out to 450 on Wranngar tonight. I think skinning is one of the best professions as you can skin most of what you kill as you go along. I also took up skinning as one of my professions on Wrangar but hadn't done anything with it. Tonight while I was questing on Wrangar in Hellfire Peninsula I had to kill Ravagers and Hellboars and I was getting aggravated because I was letting all that leather go that I was too low level to skin, level 1. Finally I had enough and decided to level up my skinning before I went any farther. I went back to Stormwind and started killing and skinning. It took me a little while but I leveled my skinning from 1 to 330 so now I can skin what I kill in outlands. I took Herbalism as my second profession but only got that up to around 10, I will have to work on that later. At least now I can skin as I go along and not waste all that gold I could have been making off leather. I will get Wrangar to level 62 tomorrow and maybe higher.


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