Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wranngar 12/07/08

I played Wranngar for a while tonight and got a few bars of XP. I was questing in Dragonblight in North Rend. The questing is pretty easy if a little time consuming, they have you running all over the place and everything is far apart. I got some of my skills leveled up a little bit today, I got my cooking to 399 and my Leatherworking up to 380. I got a few more Leatherworking patterns too. I took a bunch of the meat I was storing in the guild bank and cooked it up for the guild to use. We were really running low on food. I cooked up a bunch of food for Wrangar too from meat he sent me. I am taking all the Knothide Leather Scraps he is sending me and turning them into Knothide Leather. I will then turn that into Heavy Knothide Leather. I also made Wrangar a Bag of Many Hides, it is a 24 slot Leatherworking bag. His bags were filling up too fast from all the leather he was skinning and now when he skins something it automatically goes right into that bag. I still have a lot of rested XP on Wranngar and will play him some more tomorrow.


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