Friday, December 26, 2008

Wranngar 12/26/08

I played Wranngar for a while tonight and am now 2 bars away from level 78. I have a couple days off starting day after tomorrow so I will hit 80 then, no problem. I am still wearing all my level 70 PvP gear which some of my friends find pretty amusing. It is still working out well for me so why change it. I was questing in Icecrown again tonight and haven't got a quest yet I was unable to do solo. I still have some of the better quest reward gear so I might try that on and see what it does for me. I figured to start really saving the better stuff from the last 2 levels, 78 & 79. I can also make some pretty nice blue DPS gear so I will see what I can come up with. I am looking forward to hitting 80 and getting back into the battlegrounds. When I am well geared from that I will start doing arena. Once I get a full arena set I will get back into the battlegrounds and work on my 100,000 kills. I am sure I will be doing battlegrounds while I am doing arena anyway. I did the daily fishing and cooking quests today but forgot to check and see if I got credit for them.


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