Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wranngar 12/27/08

I got Wranngar to level 78 today. As a matter of fact I have him half way through 78 and it's all rested. I think I have a good chance of hitting 80 tomorrow. It depends on how much of 79 is rested. I was questing in Icecrown and it was some more pretty easy stuff. I ran out of quests there but, when I was selling stuff at the vendor, I found a couple items in my bag that started quests there so I will go back and do them. I was questing in the Storm Peaks after I ran out of quests in Icecrown. A bunch of easy quests there too. I will probably spend the rest of my time leveling to 80 in Storm Peaks and Icecrown. I went to Stormwind and did my training when I leveled and used my talent point. I am going to really look at my talents when I hit 80 and see if I need to repsec at all. I also got my first aid to 450 so I am done with that. I can start saving the cloth for Wrangar's first aid and Gomorra's tailoring and first aid. I am still wearing all my level 70 PvP gear and not having a problem questing at all.


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