Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wranngar 12/28/08

I got Wranngar to level 79 today. The quests seem to be really thinning out. All of level 79 is rested. I leveled in Icecrown while questing there. I thought I would be farther along than I am at this point. I went to Stormwind and got my training done, then used my talent point. I got my first aid to 450 so I have been sending the cloth I get to my cloth bank to hang on to for Wrangar and Gomorra when they need it. I am going to take a break for awhile but plan on getting back on and shooting for 80 tonight.

Update: I played Wranngar some more tonight and I have less than 8 bars to level 80. I will hit 80 tomorrow. I found some more quests around Storm Peaks so I should be able to hit it pretty quick in the morning. The quests are still pretty easy, I have been soloing all the ones that are not group quests. I have some group quests I will have to get done but it is not a high priority. If I see someone in chat looking for a group I will join but I think I can get to 80 without them.


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