Monday, December 29, 2008

Wranngar 12/29/08

I got Wranngar to level 80 today. I hit 80 at 4:14PM Eastern time on 12/29/08. I ran out of quests and I ended up hitting 80 doing the dailys in Icecrown. I went and got my training which ran me close to 200 gold, used my talent point then headed to Storm Peaks to do some skinning. I got enough leather to make another Inscription bag which I sent to a guild member who could use it. That gave me another point in Leatherworking, my skill is now 418. I will work on that some more. Right now I am just happy to have finally gotten to 80. If I get back on later I am going to hit the battlegrounds, I have been waiting a long time to get back into them. After that I will probably work on Wrangar.

Update: I did some battlegrounds on Wranngar tonight. I fought in 4 AV's, all losses. It is also the daily battleground today. The Alliance was doing really bad in all 4 battles. We only had one battle where we were in Frostwolf Keep and ready to down Drek but the Horde got Vann first. In the other 3 we lost on reinforcements defending the cave. I got 76 kills and around 1200 honor so it wasn't too bad. It just felt soooo good to be back in the battlegrounds :). I am interested in winning right now though because I need honor. After that I went and did some exploring. I have all of Outlands explored and got the Achievement for that, now I am working on Azeroth. After that I will have to do Kalimdor and I will have Eastern Kingdoms done. All that will leave is North Rend. I have about half of that explored. Once I have all of those explored I will get the title: Explorer.


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