Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wranngar 12/30/08

I played Wranngar for a little while tonight, I did my daily cooking in Dalaran and also did the daily cooking and fishing in Shattrath & Terokkar Forest. I got my third Dalaran Cooking Award so I was able to get Recipe: Mega Mammoth Meal. It gives me +80 Attack Power and +40 Stamina for 60 minutes. After that I did 3 Alterac Valley battles, all losses. The Alliance is doing really, really bad in AV lately. It is some of the worst playing I have ever seen. In the 3 battles today we captured IBT once. That was it. One tower in 3 battles. We never even got Galv. The only thing anyone seems to be interested in is the kill 50 Horde defending Vann Accomplishment. So 7 battles later I still don't have my daily from yesterday done :(. One of the problems is the battles are starting way off balance. We are starting with 20 players and the horde are starting with 40. 10 minutes into the last battle we were only up to 27 people against 39. I think I will see how we are doing in EoS tomorrow. Hopefully we are doing better in there than we are in AV. I think part of the problem is people are busy leveling and not doing the battlegrounds. Usually when you join AV there is at least a page of battles to choose from, lately there have been one or two and yesterday none. That one took me a full 3 minutes to get into one. I always choose "First Available" when I join. AFK is completely out of control in AV too, with at least 1/4 of the people in there doing nothing at all.


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