Monday, December 22, 2008

Wranngar 12/22/08

I got Wranngar to 77 this morning. Now I can fly in North Rend. That is a relief. You don't know how useful something is until it's gone. I was questing in Sholazar Basin from the Nesingwary Base Camp. A lot of pretty easy quests including one where I had to ride a Mamoth and kill some Dragon Queen. I hate quests where you have to use something else to fight. Usually you can't control it and the weapons/attacks they give you don't seem to work too well. This one was the exception. The quest was Post-partum Aggression and it took me 2 tries to get it done. The first time I did it I figured out what I needed to do and the second time I did it I got it done easily. I had to summon Helmut Nesingwary to help me kill the thing. He was laying down traps and all I really had to do was keep luring it over them, they did the most damage. I would smack it once in awhile to keep it interested but mostly just ran it over the traps. That got me really close, then I cleaned up a couple other quests that were a little scattered and that got me to 77. I paid my 1,000 gold and got my "Cold Weather Flying Training" done, did my Druid training, used my talent point and then did the daily fishing and cooking quests. Didn't really get anything good from those, got some fish from the cooking. I will probably have some more time to get on and play later so maybe I can get half way to 78. All of 78 is rested except for less than half a bar. The first quest I get done will push that over the edge.

Update: I played Wranngar for a little bit more tonight but didn't get back on as early as I had hoped. I got another 4 bars of XP and all the rest of level 78 is rested. I am still questing in Sholazar Basin and will probably quest there until they run out. I did a few quests and they were pretty easy, even easier now that I am flying there. I will try to work on him some more tomorrow but I also want to work on Wrangar who is only 2 levels away from North Rend and 4 levels away from flight.


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