Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wranngar 1/1/09

I played Wranngar tonight. I did 2 more AV's, both losses and 3 EoS, 1 win and 2 losses. EoS wasn't bad and I think we are doing good overall in there, 3 battles is not really a huge sampling. In one AV we were at Drek and were ready to take him down but people were a little scattered. Then people were running in one at a time and getting killed. Also the Horde had Frostwolf Graveyard so they we running into the Keep, getting killed, rezzing right down the road and running back in. It was a little dysfunctional on our part. The other one was a loss where we didn't really have anything. Eye of the Storm was a little better, we got beat 3 towers to 1 in 2 of the battles but we had our win by us holding 3 towers and running the flag. So I think when you get good groups together you can still win often in EoS. I also picked up Reins of the Armored Brown Bear which is a cool looking bear mount. I got it from a guy on the street in Dalaran for 750 gold. I thought it was fitting for a Druid to be riding a bear mount. I got my 3rd Dalaran Cooking Award I needed for another recipe and got Recipe: Hearty Rhino. I cooked some of that up and got my cooking to 417. That is coming along slowly but surely. 425 is the next level of recipes so they will all be green until then. I also did the daily cooking and fishing in Shattrath but didn't get anything out of the ordinary from that.


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