Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Couple Daily's

I only did the daily cooking and fishing again today due to time restrictions. I just haven't had much time lately.

The daily fishing quest from Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran was Monsterbelly Appetite again. The daily cooking from Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome was Infused Mushroom Meatloaf.

I started the cooking first, I headed down into the sewers to pick some Infused Mushrooms but gave up pretty quick when I saw how many people were trying to do it at the same time. I didn't even see an Infused Mushroom while I was down there. I decided to wait a little bit on that one and do the daily fishing first. This gives everyone a chance to get their mushrooms and get out of the sewers.

I took the flight path to Unu'pe then flew out to the iceberg's. I got my Bloated Monsterbelly on the first cast on both Wranngar and Gomorra. Having gotten those I flew back to Dalaran and took another shot at the daily cooking. It went better this time.

When I went down into the sewers this time there were only a couple people there and I got my Infused Mushrooms right away. I cooked them up with some Chilled Meat to make my Infused Mushroom Meatloafs. I delivered those to Orton Bennet upstairs at Curiosities and Moore in exchange for 9g93s, a Dalaran Cooking Award and a Small Spice Bag.

Gom's Small Spice Bag had 3 Northern Spices in it. He didn't make out too well on this one today.

Wrann's Small Spice Bag had 2 Northern Spices in it, he made out even worse than Gom if you can believe that.

I headed over to see Olisarra the Kind, (36,37) the Grand Master First Aid Trainer in the Magus Commerce Exchange in Dalaran after that. I turned in the severed arms to her and she gave a couple Bags of Fishing Treasures for a reward. She is going to attempt to reunite the arm with the fisherman it was bitten off of. Good luck with that, it looked pretty much digested to me but I'm no doctor.

Wrann's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 8g19s69c, 2 Elixirs of Water Walking and 3 Worthless Pieces of Green Glass in it. Not the best haul for Wrann today but the Elixir of Water Walking do come in handy when you need to farm a lot of fish. It is so much easier to fish schools when you can walk on water. When you are getting the mats for Fish Feast you need to get a lot of fish. It takes 120 fish and 20 Northern Spices to make one stack of 20 Fish Feast.

Gom's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 6g62s73c, 4 Pygmy Oil, a Tower Key which I sold to a vendor for 16g66s66c and 3 Deviate Fish. Not a great haul for Gom either but at least he made a little gold off the key.


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