Monday, June 8, 2009

AB and EoS 6/8/09

My daily battleground today was Arathi Basin. I did it on Wranngar and it took 6 battles to get a win. It was some of the worst PvP play I have seen in a while.

In 2 of the battles I got in towards the end and they were a 4 cap and 5 cap in Hordes favor. There was no teamwork at all, people were just running around doing their own thing, going off in ones and twos to get ganked by groups of Horde. On the off chance that we actually got a node capping, everyone would leave before it capped so all the Horde had to do was walk in and defend it. In one battle I got into we had to have been at least a minute into it, there were Alliance fighting at the farm, but no one had gotten the Stables or tried for the Lumber Mill, it was crazy.

Finally in the 6th battle I got in with a decent group. We had a 4 cap going for most the battle, had all 5 nodes at one time but not capped, and maintained at least a 3 cap at all times. We won that one by over 1,000. There were a lot of AFK in all the battles I was in, I think that is because season 6 has started and all the AFK slackers are trying to get the new honor gear. Anyway we finally won one and I could stop wasting my time in there. The first battle I was in, we had a 4 cap and ended up losing 1740/2000 on a Horde 5 cap, took 38 minutes.

I fought on 3 Eye of the Storm battles too, 2 wins and one loss. The one we lost was due to no team work and flag tards. Flag tards are people who go for the flag when we don't even have a node to bring it to. When you come off the rock and 3/4 of your team runs right to the flag you know it's all over. There just weren't enough of us left to take nodes and defend them.

The first of the 2 battles we won wasn't really do to good teamwork on the Alliance's part, it was more due to really bad teamwork on the Horde part. DR was undefended almost the entire battle, we lost it to Horde near the end, and everyone was fighting in the middle or on the roads. Fighting on the roads gets you nothing, you need to fight on the nodes if you want to take them.

The third and last battle I was in we won due to good teamwork. We started off getting DR, BET and MT. We kept the pressure on at FRR so all the Horde were occupied there trying to defend that and we were able to run the flag without much interference. The Horde lost FRR a couple times but we were never quite able to cap it. We had at least one person on each node calling incomings and we held onto our 3 throughout the battle.

I might get back on a little later and do some more.


Shaman Leveling Guide said...

"people were just running around doing their own thing," Thats one thing I don't like about wow, people should work as a team.

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