Monday, June 15, 2009

Battlegrounds 6/15/09

I fought in all the battlegrounds on Wranngar today. The Alliance wasn't doing well for the most part. My daily battleground today was Arathi Basin, we won the second one I was in.

In the first AB battle I was in no one was defending anything which caused us to lose of course. People would run into a base, start it capping, then ride out.... We went around and around like that until we ended up losing by around 800 points. In the second battle we did better. People were defending nodes, not spreading out too much although we did lose a node here and there. It was a really close battle. We were ahead the whole time but not by much, we ended up winning by 40 points. After that I did two with Arkantose because he wanted to do the daily. We won one and lost one. I ended up with 2 wins and 2 losses for the day.

I fought in some Eye of the Storm after that, we were doing really bad in there. This is a battleground we usually dominate, but not so much lately. There was a lot of stupidity, no defending nodes, not even getting MT or DR, leaving nodes before they cap, going for the flag when we didn't even have a tower to bring it to, the list goes on and on. We did have 2 good battles out of the 4 I was in, we had 2 wins and 2 losses. Arkantose fought in 3 of those with me as well. In one of our wins we had a 4 cap going and had the Horde trapped on their rock, in the other we had a 3 cap although I was the only one guarding BET, there was one person guarding MT and no one at DR... Everyone was either in the middle or at FRR. Keeping pressure on the Hordes only node is good, it keeps them busy and keeps them off the flag and our nodes but not when you are leaving nodes empty. At least with one person at a node they can call incoming.

I fought in one Warsong Gulch tonight. I hate WSG. I really hate it. Salintu joined us for that one. I only went in because Arkantose wanted some Warsong Gulch Marks of Honor. We ended up getting owned as we usually do in WSG because the Alliance doesn't seem to know how to play it. There was no teamwork, people fighting in the middle while the Horde had our flag, it was sad to watch. The battleground leader pitched a fit and went AFK, that is the kind of teamwork we had going on. I don't even do this one when it is the daily.

All 3 of us fought in one Strand of the Ancients tonight. We lost that one too, I told you the Alliance was having a bad night. We didn't lose by much but lose we did. I think we were just outclassed because everyone seemed to be doing their part with the exception of the AFK, of which there were quite a few. There were quite a few in all the battlegrounds tonight.

Unbelievably we won the 3 Alterac Valley's the 3 of us fought in tonight. We won 2 on reinforcements and one by killing Drek with 2 towers up. I tanked that one. I don't have much in the way of tanking gear, all my gear is PvP, but I can hang onto whatever I set my sights on, I just depend on some good healers to keep me alive. We had some good ones tonight but with Drek, 2 Warmasters, 2 Elite Frostwolves and 3 or 4 Horde on me I ended up dying right before Drek went down. He did go down though and we won so it all worked out in the end. The battle ended before I rezz'd, that's how close he was to dying when I died. That was the only way we were going to win that one, we were pretty far behind on reinforcements.

And last but not least I fought in 2 Wintergrasp battles, one win and one loss. It is much better to be on offense in WG than defense in my opinion. Of course if you are on offense then it means you didn't have WG for the last 2 1/2 hours and that's no good either. In the ones I have fought in though we have had more wins on offense than defense. The win I fought in by myself, without Arkantose and Salintu but they were there for the second one, the loss. We didn't have any problem getting the fortress from the Horde when we were on offense and they got it back when they were on offense. I thought we were doing pretty good. They were inside the fortress but we were killing them left and right and I thought we were doing ok, but some got through to the gate and it was all over.

All in all I ended up getting 417 kills and 26,212 honor, not a bad day in the battlegrounds considering how bad the Alliance was sucking. That is almost like the old days when you could really rack up some honor and kills. I got 123 kills in one AV battle :).


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