Thursday, June 18, 2009

Daily Battleground 6/18/09

My daily battleground today was Strand of the Ancients again, we won the first one I was in. It was the quickest easiest SoA I have ever been in. We just got off the boat, broke through the gates and got to the relic. It took about 90 seconds. I guess whatever time we do it in is the time the Horde have to do it in. They only got through one gate before it was over.

I fought in one Wintergrasp, a win. We were offense and the Horde were defending Wintergrasp. We won that one in about 11 minutes. I think I got 26 kills out of that one. I am starting to get the hang of WG now. It is a little different as you can either be defending or attacking depending on who is in possession of WG when you go in. I am building up my marks for a headpiece I want to get.

I fought in one Arathi Basin, a loss. No surprise there, the Alliance has really been sucking in AB lately. We lost to a 5 cap. I don't know if people are too stupid to work together or if they are just trying for the achievements but whatever the problem is it's not working. It was the same old crap, people riding up to nodes, starting them capping, then riding out. We used to do pretty well in AB now I think we are lucky to win one in ten.

We were doing ok today in Eye of the Storm, we had 3 wins and 2 losses. Not great but ok. We had a 4 cap in one of our wins, it was The Perfect Storm. I already had it but a bunch of other people got the achievement. You get The Perfect Storm when you win 2000/0, meaning the horde didn't cap anything. There were a few AFK and a couple bots in the battles I was in. This is because season 6 came out and they are trying to bot/AFK themselves into season 5 gear. People who bot or AFK make me sick, they are losers who are taking a spot from someone who could be fighting.


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