Friday, June 19, 2009

Northrend Daily's 6/19/09

I did a bunch of daily's today. The fishing I got from Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran was The Ghostfish and the cooking I picked up from Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome was Mustard Dogs! again.

As usual I did the cooking first, that had me running all over Dalaran looking for Wild Mustard. It didn't take me long to get the 4 I needed on each today, I was actually kind of surprised at how quickly it went. I combined that with some Rhino Dogs to make a Mustard Dog Basket!. Once I had that I delivered it to Archmage Pentarus (68,41) at Krasus' Landing in exchange for 9g93s, 2 Dalaran Cooking Awards and a Small Spice Bag.

Gomorra's Small Spice Bag had 3 Northern Spices in it. Not a great haul for Gom but I'll take it.

Wranngar's Small Spice Bag had 4 Northern Spices in it along with another Dalaran Cooking Award making 3 for him, not a bad day for Wrann.

After that I headed over to River's Heart in Sholazar Basin to catch a Phantom Ghostfish. It took me a few minutes on both to get one today, it usually goes a lot quicker than it did today. Once I caught one I ate it right away. They are on a timer that starts clocking as soon as you loot it, you have 60 seconds before it disappears. Eating it reveals the mystery to you and completes the quest. I headed back to Marcia and told her I figured out the mystery so she gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures for my trouble.

Wrann's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 9g7s11c, 3 Elixirs of Water Walking, an Unusual Compass and 2 Deviate Fish. I was hoping for better. I can always hope :).

Gom's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 8g19s48c, a Glow Worm, 2 Solid Gold Coins, which I sold to a vendor for a gold each, and 3 Deviate Fish. There used to be a time when Deviate Fish were worth something but those days are over.

I did all my daily's for The Sons of Hodir on Gom but not on Wrann, I just didn't feel like doing them on him. He was busy in the battlegrounds anyway. The daily's I do for The Sons of Hodir are Blowing Hodir's Horn, Hot and Cold, Polishing the Helm, Spy Hunter and Feeding Arngrim. These take me about a half hour and get me around 80+ gold with drops. My gold supply hasn't been piling up too fast since I stopped doing these.


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