Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Daily Battleground - EoS 6/23/09

My daily battleground today was Eye of the Storm. I got lucky and got a good group on my first battle.

We won with a 3 cap but it was a rotating 3 cap, meaning we would lose one and get another one. The Horde would take DR and we would take BET, the Horde would take MT and we would take FRR, it makes for a lot of good kills :). We were also running the flag as were the Horde but running the flag means nothing if you only have one tower like the Horde did. Their time would have been better spent getting, and holding, another tower than fighting in the middle for the flag. We ended up winning by about 800 points. There were no AFK in this battle and it was the only EoS I fought in.

I fought in 2 Alterac Valley battles tonight too, both losses but I got a lot of kills. The first one I was in we were just outclassed I guess. The Horde were in Dun Baldar almost from the start and the only resistance they found were the AFK there. There were at least 10 AFK in each of the 2 battles I was in, that is 1/4 or more of our team. I am still not sure why Blizzard allows them to stay for the entire battle, taking a spot from someone who could be fighting, instead of kicking them out and giving them some kind of a ban from battlegrounds. Actually I have a pretty good idea why, Blizzard dosen't want to piss them off and lose their $15 a month.

The second battle I was in we actually started off pretty good, we had IBT, IBGY and TP capping and someone started FWGY capping. Then some idiot capped SHGY and all the Horde started rezzing in front of us. The took FWGY back, then they took IBGY back. As usual the morons that were defending SHGY with everything they had just gave DB to the horde so they capped our North and South Bunkers, along with Stone Hearth Bunker and Icewing Bunker. After that all the had to do was kill Vann and it was over. When will people learn that capping SHGY is a guaranteed loss?


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