Monday, June 22, 2009

The Underbog 6/22/09

I saw in WorldDefense that Ironforge was under attack so I headed there. While I was there I met up with Thayah, a level 63 Deathknight, and Dreaneth a level 80 hunter. We decided to do some of the Summer Festival quests. During that Thayah said he wanted to do Underbog so we headed to Zangarmarsh to do that.

We ended up doing 2 runs as he was looking for a certain drop but we never got it. It went pretty smoothly, we only had one death and that was me lol, I was too busy taking screenshots with the interface off for my blog and wasn't watching my health. I was tanking and I rounded up a bunch of mobs each time for us to take out, a lot more than I would have if I was the correct level for that instance. I didn't heal after one onslaught and went right into another without checking my health. I got a little too involved and forgot the basics lol.

The Underbog is around level 60, the mobs are 60-65 elites in there. I got the achievement for completing it, I haven't done many dungeons on Wranngar at all but I really enjoyed this one. After the second run the group sort of broke up so we called it a night on dungeons although we could probably have 2 manned Slave Pens. Thayah got some good drops out of there, there was nothing in there for me or Dreaneth that we could use. I plan to start raiding on Gomorra soon, the top level dungeons.

I kind of gave up on dungeons a long time ago because I was sick of getting 1/2-3/4 of the way through a dungeon to have the group fall apart. I started lots of dungeons and only finished a few..... Now I am ready to try again though. A friend of mine, Beerchick, Champion of the Naaru, said I am welcome to join their guild, BeerBeer and raid with them, I might take him up on it. It is much better to raid with a guild than a pick-up group.


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