Sunday, June 14, 2009

Daily's 6/14/09

I got my daily cooking and fishing done today. I didn't have time for much else. The daily fishing, I got from Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran, was Dangerously Delicious and the daily cooking, from Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome, was Mustard Dogs!.

As usual I did the daily cooking first. It took me a little bit to find all my Wild Mustard on Wranngar but I got the 4 I needed right away on Gomorra. You find the Wild Mustard in the grassy area's around Dalaran. I have the best luck over by the Magus Commerce Exchange and the little park by the bank on that side of town. I also have pretty good luck at Krasus' Landing.

Once I had all the Wild Mustard I needed I headed over to the bank to get some Rhino Meat to make some Rhino Dogs. I combined them with the Wild Mustard, in the Empty Picnic Basket I was supplied, to make a Mustard Dog Basket! which I delivered to Archmage Pentarus (68,41) at Krasus' Landing in exchange for 9g93s, 2 Dalaran Cooking Awards and a Small Spice Bag.

Gom's Small Spice Bag had 3 Northern Spices in it. Not the best haul for Gom but he has gotten worse.

Wrann's Small Spice Bag had 3 Northern Spices and 4 Old Spices in it. He made out about the same as Gom today.

I did the daily fishing after that which had me heading over to Wintergrasp. We were in control of Wintergrasp while I was there on both toons. We didn't have any Horde resistance while I was there. I got the 10 Terrorfish I needed on each in pretty short order and headed back to Dalaran to hand them in to Marcia Chase. She gave me a Bag of Fishing Treasures on each.

Wrann's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 10g64s6c, 5 Pygmy Oil, a Worthless Piece of White Glass, 4 Deviate Fish and a Runic Mana Potion. The gold and Runic Mana Potion are the only things there worth mentioning.

Gom's Bag of Fishing Treasures had 8g1s39c, a Glow Worm, a Stuffed Shark Head, which I only got 1g75s for from a vendor and 2 Deviate Fish. The Glow Worm was the only really useful thing I got from that.

There are still a lot of good rewards to be had from the daily fishing so I will keep plugging away at it. I will keep doing the daily cooking too, even though I have all the recipes and 450 cooking on both toons, because I need the awards and Northern Spices.


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