Thursday, June 25, 2009

Least Favorite Daily 6/25/09

Today's cooking daily in Dalaran was Cheese for Glowergold, my least favorite daily. I hate running around Dalaran trying to find the Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses. I did it on both though and got it done.

The daily fishing today was The Ghostfish, a pretty easy daily if not a little time consuming due to the travel. I got this one done on both also.

The daily battleground was Warsong Gulch so I skipped it on Wranngar but decided to do it on Gomorra so I could serve a Great Feast and get that BG out of the way towards the Dinner Impossible achievement. As usual we lost, everyone was fighting in the middle with no interest in getting the Horde flag or getting our flag back from the Horde. We lost that one 0/3. I hate Warsong Gulch. I'm assuming most the Alliance do too because they have no clue how to fight in there.


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