Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Extreme Leveling – A Review of the Newest Leveling System on the Market

A few weeks back I heard about yet another new leveling guide that was about to hit the market – Extreme Leveling. I remember wondering then if we had not gone well beyond the threshold of good leveling guides and into excess. I had a talk with Shawn Woods, the guide’s creator before it came out back then and he told me a bit about what to expect from the guide and I must admit, my misgivings started to fade. I was intrigued by his new plans and excited to see if they worked or not. The first results are in and I have to say, I take back my original worries about another leveling guide out there – I think this is the guide we’ll be using to measure the rest from here on out.

The Meat of the Guide

The Guide itself is a multi-part system with leveling strategies for both Horde and Alliance characters and a complete in-game leveling mod that allows you to continue leveling without leaving the game. Additionally, you are given detailed maps with illustrations of where to go and when and a full walk through with details on every step of the process.

The real draw of this guide though is in the actual walkthrough, as unique and original a walkthrough as I’ve seen since the first guides hit the market. This is the real deal because it throws out the other guide methods and puts together a new method that is 100% unique and best of all effective. My first run through with it yielded a time of less than 8 days. I bet I can do faster next time.

The Bottom Line

There are no negatives to Extreme Leveling
. In the past, I’ve tried out guides that were effective but poorly written or just plain lacking in extra content. This guide has it all – clear instructions, decent writing, a stable of nice additional content, and one of the most effective walkthroughs I’ve ever used. I think we’ll be seeing a lot more from Extreme Leveling in the days to come and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing at all.


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