Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dustwallow Marsh 8/30/09

I did some questing on my hunter Brieanna today and got her to level 37. I did a few quests in and around Dustwallow Marsh. I leveled when I handed a couple in.

I was running low on bullets so I went to buy some more. I couldn't find anyone on Theramore Island that sold bullets although I am sure you can buy them there somewhere. I headed back to Menethil Harbor to see if I could find some but all they had was the level 25 bullets I was using. I figured at level 37 I should be able to get something better. I looked on Thottbot, my one source for WoW information, and found that level 35 and up bullets are crafted and you need to buy them from someone who can make them or the auction house. I headed to the auction house in Iron Forge to see what I could find.

In Iron Forge I hit the auction house and found Hi-Impact Mithril Slugs which do almost twice the damage as the bullets I was using so that worked out well. They also stack in 1,000 instead of 200 so I can carry a lot more so that also worked out well :).

I am not sure where I will be questing next. I guess I can get my 100% speed mount at 40 now so I am only 3 levels away from that.


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