Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Restored Items 9/8/09

I spent some time today getting the restored items out of the mail on Wranngar and putting them in the bank, some in the guild bank. It looks like they restored some of the stuff that was taken out of the guild bank too. I finally got it all out of the mail and put away, now I just have to do it on all my other characters. I haven't played in a week and really don't feel like playing. I will get all the other stuff put away before it disappears out of my mail then decide what I want to do. They did not restore the gold that was taken from the guild bank so I am out that 1500 gold.

This whole event has just disgusted me especially the fact that blizzard said I must have a key logger on my system. If I had a key logger on my system they would not have had to have my password reset. Also when they were restoring my account they thanked me for my patience as it was taking a long time due to the number of hacked accounts. You can go on YouTube and there are videos that tell you exactly how to hack an account. You can send a script to their auto-responder password reset bot that will send you the new password for any account, which is what I am sure happened with me, so there is really no way to make your account safe when Blizzard has such poor security measures in place. There is a step by step video that even gives you the script on YouTube. It has really turned me away from the game, I guess it might be time for something else. It's no wonder they are losing players left and right.


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