Monday, August 3, 2009

What to Really Expect from Leveling Guide New Comer, Extreme Leveling

So, you’ve probably read a little bit about the newest leveling guide to hit the market, Extreme Leveling. It’s been popping up on forums and discussion groups everywhere and people want to know if it really works. After all, with more than a dozen other high profile leveling guides already out there, do we really need another one?

The answer is undoubtedly yes. Has any other guide ever done everything perfectly? Not yet and until they manage to do so, it’s going to be a one man race in the market because Extreme Leveling is about as close as it gets to perfect on many fronts.

The Guide

Let’s start with the guide content itself. Using a unique leveling structure that deviates from most paths used in other leveling guides to date, Shawn Woods, has created something entirely new and different that has actually managed to reshape the mold of what good leveling involves. To that end, he has built a new system that is highly effective in everything it tries to do, from creating a linear string of quests to actually linking them together in an effective manner to help players be successful.

The Bonuses

While they are not labeled as bonuses, you cannot help but call a fully featured in-game mod a bonus as well as the slew of maps that Shawn has prepared for his customers. These maps, featuring detailed instructions and directions to each NPC, quest, and quest completion point in each zone are the best I’ve yet seen and they make for one heck of an easy leveling experience, especially for those that are trying new factions or races for the first time (which many of us would like to do).

The Promises

There are a lot of promises made on the site and I can assure you, everything I’ve tested thus far has been fulfilled to the letter. Shawn’s free newsletter with the first 12 levels of each race is right there for you to read. His guide is the best I’ve seen yet and I don’t doubt he’ll be right there when the first live hour of WotLK goes down, writing his guide and sending out updates to anyone interested in the newest game content to date.

What you get in Extreme Leveling is a huge package of the best leveling system you’ll have ever seen and one of the best possible recommendations I can make.


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