Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Eye of the Storm - Daily Battleground 11/16/09

The daily battleground today on Aman'Thul was Eye of the Storm. I wasn't too excited about that as the Holiday weekend was still going on but we won the second one I was in. You could still tell there were a lot of weekend warriors in there, and of course, AFK and Flagtards. The first battle was a wash but the second one went better, I am not sure why though. Someone said, in the second battle, "Ok, lets defend these 3 for the win". I thought that sounded good until I found myself all alone at Blood Elf Tower. I was tracking humanoids and saw 2 incoming so I said "inc BET" over battleground chat and...... No one came. That is how the Alliance defends. Textbook case of Alliance defending towers, bases, graveyards, whatever. They do not know the meaning of defense. Fortunately the first one to arrive was a Rouge which I killed immediately. That caused the second one to ride away. The strange part was the Rogue came in alone. That is very rare for the Horde. Usually they won't attack 1 Alliance player unless there are 2 of them and they have a good healer along. I guess the Rogue figured he would sap, stun, sap, stun until I was dead. I was stealthed though and stunned him first, then I put Faerie Fire on him. He can not stealth when that is on him. A Rogue that can't stealth is nothing. He has to stealth to stun you so the best he can hope for at that point is to run away. I stunned him long enough to kill him though. Anyway we won the second one I was in and I was out of there. I collected my 19g86s and 1241 bonus honor.

I fought in 15 Alterac Valley battles after that, 7 wins and 8 losses. We were winning every other one until the end then we lost a couple in a row and I figured the quality of the players changed so I left. In the last 2 battles someone took SHGY causing our loss. It was the same person both times, at least it was the same person shooting their mouth off both times. They didn't learn from the first time and did it again. Some people are just too stupid to learn from their mistakes I guess. More and more people are getting mad when someone takes SHGY though so maybe some people are learning. It only takes one moron though.

We had some pretty good battles though, even in the battles we lost. It was bringing back memories of how it used to be. I wish they would get rid of the reinforcements though so you had to win by killing the other sides General but the reinforcements are there for the Horde and we all know Blizzard favors the Horde. The Horde win 8 out of 10 of their battles on reinforcements and the Alliance win about 1 out of 10 battles on reinforcements. I love it when the Horde go in to Galv's room to try and keep us from killing Galv. We just go into Galv's room and kill everything. Those are some quick kills to get the blood flowing :). I got over 1,000 kills again tonight though and that's what I'm there for so I can't complain. As long as we win one once in awhile I'm happy.


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