Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brieanna - Level 40 Now 12/21/09

I did a lot of questing on Brieanna today and got her to level 40. Level 40 is kind of a big deal. At level 40 Hunters get to switch from leather gear to Mail. It is also when you get your 'epic' 100% mount. You used to get your 60% mount at 40 and your 100% at 60 but they dropped them 20 levels each. I also made her a Christmas outfit to wear around town. It gives absolutely no protection so it is definitely something to wear when not in combat lol.

I cleaned up a lot of quests in Arathi Highlands and Stranglethorn Vale. I really like playing a Hunter, it seems to be pretty simple so far. I am having no problem soloing yellow and orange quests. I haven't tried soloing a red yet because I didn't have any in the ones I cleaned up. Maybe tomorrow I will try one of those. I was able to get her up 3 levels, from 37 to 40, pretty quickly.

I also worked on my Herbalism and have that up to 158 so that is coming along well. I can pick most of the Herbs I am finding while I am questing which is good, I hate having to go back and level up a profession. I have made over 80 gold in the last 2 days with her professions, Skinning and Herbalism. That is pretty good for a level 40 that just started Herbing yesterday I think.


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