Saturday, December 26, 2009

Brieanna - Level 50 12/26/09

I quested on Brieanna some more tonight and got her to level 50. I was questing in Un'Goro Crater when I hit 50 and had to go back to Ironforge to train, I also had some stuff I wanted to put on the auction house. While I was there training I got a quest from the Hunter Trainer that had me going to Azshara to do a few quests, that ate up quite a bit of time.

I am over half way through level 50 now and will hit 51, maybe 52 tomorrow depending on how much time I have. I put a bunch of leather on the auction house today and made over 60 gold off it. I will need to work on my Herbing some more, maybe I will do that tomorrow too.

There was a lot of action in Ironforge today, the Horde were trying to kill the King to get the achievement For The Horde!. That gets them a Black War Bear mount. Every time I saw in World Defense that Ironforge was under attack I would log over to Wranngar, who I had parked right outside the King's room, and kill some Horde. I got 11 kills altogether. I got there too late to get any kills most the time as it takes 20 seconds to log out if you are not in an Inn or city.


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