Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shattrath Daily Fishing - Felblood Fillet 2/7/10

Today when Brieanna went to see Old Man Barlo, (40,59) at Silmyr Lake in Terokkar Forest, he gave her Felblood Fillet for the daily fishing quest.

This one had me heading to the Pools of Aggonar (39,37) in Hellfire Peninsula. I usually have good luck there and today was no exception. I got my Monstrous Felblood Snapper on my 11th cast and was on my way back to deliver it to Old Man Barlo.

Today my Bag of Fishing Treasures had 6g86s65c, 5 Sharpened Fish Hooks, which I can use as I am leveling my fishing, and 2 Jaggal Pearls. A bit of a let down after the last 2 times but not a bad haul otherwise.


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