Thursday, February 25, 2010


Brieanna tamed Uvuros tonight. Uvuros is a level 70 elite Core Hound found in Shadowmoon Valley. He is an exotic pet and as a Beastmaster Hunter you have to have the exotic pet talent to tame it. This is her second exotic pet. Her first was The Kurken, also a Core Hound. The Kurken is white and Uvuros is green. There is one more I need to finish out the set, the red one from Molten Core. She named Uvuros Labyrinth and The Kurken Nightmare. When she gets the red one from Molten Core it will be named Gatekeeper.

A friend, Leonvx, helped me tame Uvuros. He is a Priest and kept me bubbled and healed during the 20 seconds it takes to tame it. I love the Core Hounds as hunter pets, they have lava breath, and around 20,000 armor at level 80. They do some pretty nice damage. I need to level this one up now, it was a level 70 elite when I tamed it, now it is level 75. Any pet you tame jumps from whatever level they are to 5 levels below you assuming you are over 5 levels above it, if there is less than 5 levels difference it just stays the level it is. A hunter can tame a pet that is his/her level or lower.


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