Monday, March 1, 2010


Brieanna got her red core hound from The Molten Core the other day. She named him Gatekeeper. That was the last one she needed to complete the set. She now has the red, white and green core hounds. I really like them as hunter pets. You have to be spec'd full Beast Master with the point in exotic pets to tame one as your pet. I had a couple friends help me get this one. Molten Core is an instance/dungeon which makes this one the hardest one to get.

The first one I got was The Kurken. He is found in Stillpine Hold in the Draenei starting area. He is a level 12 when you tame him but then he jumps to 5 levels below you. She named this one Nightmare. I loved it in the battlegrounds with this one when I was in the 71-79 slot. I would just send it after someone and it would kill them. I don't use the core hounds in the battlegrounds much anymore, I usually fight in Survival spec and lose my exotic pets so I use my wolf I have had since level 18 or so. He does well.

Uvuros was the second one she tamed. She named this one Labyrinth. This one is found in Shadowmoon Valley. He was a level 70 elite before taming. I wish I had a picture of this one before it was tamed, core hounds are HUGE before they are tamed, then they shrink. I had a friend, Leonvx, help me get this one. He bubbled and healed me while I tamed it. It takes 20 seconds to tame a pet and one like this can easily kill you in that amount of time.


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