Saturday, March 13, 2010

Heroic Gundrak (Dungeon)

I did the heroic daily dungeon on Brieanna today which turned out to be Gundrak.

Gundrak (also known as Gun'Drak) is the capital of the ice troll nation of Zul'Drak in eastern Northrend. The Drakkari tribe rule Zul'Drak from here, constantly battling the mighty forces of the Scourge.

Gundrak is an instance which contains the final boss for the ice trolls. This instance will show the Ice Trolls in all their glory, and teach us why they have been so successful against the Scourge. The story that emerges in the completely constructed zone, Zul'Drak, and the instance at the end of that zone, Gundrak, is that the trolls worship various animal Gods, like the rest of the troll races. They have began sacrificing to these gods to give them the power to fight the Scourge. The whole zone is recognizable as Troll, but with a twist to it that is true to the ice troll culture.

I did this with 4 other people I grouped with from my server, which meant we only had one person from the dungeon finder in our group. It went pretty smooth, it was a really fast run. We did all the bosses so I could get the achievement for it.

The bosses we took down are:

There are two entrances to Gundrak, one to the north and one to the south. The northern entrance has the summoning stone outside. The first boss you will have to fight when going in through the north is Slad’ran. If you go in through the southern entrance, the first boss you will fight is Moorabi, the mammoth boss. Each entrance will take you down to the main circle. There are three bosses around the main circle, each one representing an aspect. There are roughly 2-4 pulls between bosses. Once you kill all three bosses and activate their altars, a bridge will swing into place in the middle of the circle (behind Drakkari the Colossus), allowing you to pass over the central altar. After fighting a few trash mobs, you meet Gal'darah, a rhino aspect, and the presumed leader of Gundrak. You can get to the center circle by jumping into the water and swimming to the stair case or using the stairs behind Drakkari. The fish in the water will attack you but will not follow you onto the land. Some of the mobs do an AoE knock back, so be careful when fighting near ledges.


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