Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heroic Oculus (Dungeon)

Brieanna did the Oculus for the first time today on heroic mode. It being her first time in there I would have rather done it on normal first, knowing what I know now. To sum it up in one sentence, what a nightmare.

Being my first time in there I had no idea what to do. It all seemed pretty simple until it came time to call the drakes and mount them. That part went ok, but what next? I really have to give a hand to the people that do these instances for the first time and figure all this stuff out.

It turns out we had to ride the drakes, use them to kill some other drakes that were guarding platforms, then kill the Centrifuge Construct's that were guarding the bosses on these platforms. We killed Drakos the Interrogator, Varos Cloudstrider and Mage-Lord Urom without a problem and here I am thinking "this isn't too bad". Then we came to the last boss, Ley-Guardian Eregos. I lost track of how many times we died on him and how many people quit before it was over. I remember thinking this is impossible. We finally got him down though and it was over. I got the achievement and hopefully will never have to go in there again.

I didn't get any loot worth mentioning in there so basically all I got out of it, besides the achievement, was a 46 gold repair bill. It was a learning experience though and if I ever end up in there again, and it is a good possibility I will because of the random daily heroic's, I will have a better idea of what needs to be done and how we finally did it. In the end we had one red drake, one green drake and 3 amber drakes to take down Eregos.


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