Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kalu'ak Fishing Dreby 3/26/10

I entered the Kalu'ak Fishing Derby today on Wranngar. I should have done it on Brieanna, she has a lot better luck fishing.

This time I figured I would save some travel time and fish for the Blacktip Shark in Crystalsong Forest instead of going all the way to Sholazar Basin. I started out close to 10 minutes late, I just happened to hearth to Dalaran and saw the fishing promoter standing there. I fished for a full 50 minutes and didn't catch a Blacktip Shark.

The last time I entered, about a month ago on Brieanna, I got a Blacktip Shark after fishing for about 45 minutes in Sholazar Basin, maybe I should have headed there again. You can catch a Blacktip Shark anywhere you catch Pygmy Suckerfish, and I caught about 30 in Crystalsong Forest today so I know it is possible to catch one there. Even if you are not the first one to hand in a Blacktip Shark, you still get a consolation prize of a Bag of Fishing Treasures. That would have been fine by me but I didn't even get that today.

I will have to set up some kind of an alarm for the future so I don't miss this again, I would like to win this one or at least get the consolation prize again lol.


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