Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spirit vs Spellpower

I ran into a little trouble on Brieonna when I got carried away stacking spirit. I was focusing on gear that primarily had spirit then intellect. I wasn't keeping an eye on my spellpower while I was doing that.

The end result of that is I found myself having a hard time healing in Dungeons that used to be easy. It seemed like I had to keep hitting the tank with full heals instead of just keeping a HoT on them and hitting them once in awhile with a small heal. When I looked into that I found that my spellpower had dropped almost 60 points. Big mistake.

Spirit is good for you in the fact that it determines how much mana you regenerate. Mana is regenerated every 5 seconds and the more spirit you have the more mana you are going to generate. Eventually you will get to the point where you will actually generate mana while you are casting. Obviously more spirit is good because it will take you longer to run out of mana. More intellect is good as well because the more intellect you have the more mana you will have.

But neither of those are good if you don't have enough spellpower to get the job done, which is what happened to me.

I regeared and got an enchantment on my staff which brought my spellpower up over 70 points. The difference was like night and day. Now I can primarily keep the tank, and everyone else, healed just using my HoT's. Enchanting my staff was tricky. Obviously I wanted to get the highest spellpower enchantment I could on it, but because it is a BoA (Bind on Account) item I was limited to pre-BC "Vanilla WoW" enchantments. I could only put an enchantment on it that had no level restrictions, one that was available pre-BC.

The highest enchantment available was +30 spellpower. There were 2 scrolls for that on the auction house, one for 375 gold and the other for 500 gold. That seemed a little pricy to me. I ended up having all the materials to have it done so I set out to find someone who had the enchantment to do it for me. That proved futile. +30 spellpower is a rare enchantment that only drops in Molten Core, one of the two pre-BC 40 man raids. No one on had it.

I ended up getting +29 spellpower, which I guess is a common enough enchantment, and had that done with my mats. I had to go out and farm one of the mats but that didn't take me long. I tipped the enchanter 20 gold to put it on Brieonna's staff and another 20 gold to put it on Breeonna's mace so she would have it too.

Now they are both performing better than ever :).


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