Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Last Few Days

The last few days I have been getting reacquainted with my characters. These new talent trees they came up with removed a lot of spells I used to have on some of them. Now I am getting used to playing with the new modified spec's.

I have been doing daily's for the last few days. I have been doing them on Brieanna, Breeonna, Brieonna and Gomorra. Really all I am doing on Brieonna is the daily fishing, still trying to get her that Jeweled Fishing Pole. She still can't use it, fishing is only 271, but she is getting closer every day.

On Brieanna, Breeonna and Gomorra I have been doing the The Sons of Hodir and Knights of the Ebon Blade daily's. I have also been doing the cooking and fishing on Brieanna and Gomorra. I have gotten nothing worth mentioning from the daily cooking and fishing, just the usual stuff.

I want to get used to playing with the new talents and also make some gold so I am not broke when Cataclysm comes out. They now have a learned flying skill that will increase your flight speed to 310% on fast flying mounts and another learned skill to be able to fly in Azeroth. I am sure that these will not only not be free they will be quite expensive like everything else in this game.


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