Friday, November 12, 2010

Daily's 11/11/10

I did all my daily's on Breeonna, Gomorra and Brieanna today.

I did the daily cooking on Brieanna and Gomorra and the The Sons of Hodir and the Knights of the Ebon Blade daily's on all three. That got me some decent gold for the day. I also make out pretty good on drops, I loot everything (Shift + Right Click) and make pretty good gold off drops too.

I didn't get anything exciting from any of the daily's. Even the daily cooking seems to be getting cheap, most the time I only get 2 Northern Spices in my Small Spice Bag. I have been doing the daily fishing most days too, not today, but haven't gotten anything worth mentioning from that either. I am trying to get some gold together for the expansion.

I did the Random Daily Heroic Dungeon today, it was Halls of Stone. We had no problem and I didn't see any good drops. We didn't do all the bosses, it was kind of a quick run.


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