Saturday, November 13, 2010

More Daily's 11/12/10

I got on today and did all my daily's on Brieanna and Breeonna. I was going to do them on Gomorra too but ran out of steam.

I did all the The Sons of Hodir and Knights of the Ebon Blade daily's. The ones I do for the Sons of Hodir are Blowing Hodir's Horn, Hot and Cold, Polishing the Helm, Spy Hunter and Feeding Arngrim. The only one I don't do for Sons of Hodir is Thrusting Hodir's Spear. I tried it a few times and could never do it so I just gave up, seems like a lot more hassle than it is worth.

For the Knights of the Ebon Blade I do Leave Our Mark, Vile Like Fire!, Shoot 'Em Up, From Their Corpses, Rise!, No Fly Zone and Intelligence Gathering. I have been doing Intelligence Gathering every day. It seems like the keys and documents are dropping a lot better now. I can usually get that done while doing the other quests without having to hang around to finish it up.

Today when I went to see Marcia Chase (53,65), by the fountain in Dalaran, she had Jewel Of The Sewers for me. The object of this daily is to go into the Underbelly, below Dalaran, and fish up a piece of Corroded Jewelry. I did it on Brieanna, Gomorra and Brieonna today. I am still hoping to get the Jeweled Fishing Pole for Brieonna but no luck yet on that. I didn't get anything worth mentioning from this daily today.

I did the daily cooking too which I got from Katherine Lee (41,65), the Grand Master Cooking Trainer in the kitchen of A Hero's Welcome. Today she gave me Cheese for Glowergold. I used to skip this daily a lot when it came up because it took forever to get the 6 Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses you need and I find them hard to target. But I decided to do it today on Brieanna and Gomorra. It didn't take me long at all to find the 6 Half Full Dalaran Wine Glasses I needed, then it was off to One More Glass, the Wine and Cheese shop in Dalaran, for the piece of Aged Dalaran Limburger I needed. I found that as soon as I got there on both toons. I combined the wine and cheese on the platter, supplied when I picked up the quest, to make a Wine and Cheese Platter. I delivered that to Ranid Glowergold (36,28) at the Leatherworkers in the Magus Commerce Exchange but didn't get anything worth mentioning from this one either.

I did a few Cata quests too. I got them in Ironforge. They explain a little about what is going to happen when Cata hits and what we can look forward to. They are a quest chain that have you going to Stormwind and the Outlands. All in all I made about 120 gold doing these. I have done them on all my 80's but Gomorra and Wranngar so far.


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