Thursday, May 1, 2008

300 Riding Lessons - Gomorra 5/1/08

Axeelina offered to lend me 3000 gold to get my 300 riding lessons on Gomorra today. We did the orphan quest and I think she was sick of how long it took me to get anywhere on my normal flying mount :). I took her up on her offer and got my 300 riding on Gomorra. I went over to Shadowmoon Valley to get my lessons and my epic flying mount. I got the Swift Purple Gryphon, the same one I got for Wranngar. Now I will have to really stick with my daily's so I can pay her back. I figure it will take me about 10 days. Now that I have 300 riding skill on both my characters, I need to work on my rep with the Netherdrake guys so I can get a Netherdrake :).


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