Thursday, May 8, 2008

Battleground's 5/8/08

I did a bunch of battlegrounds on Wranngar today. I did one AV, which we lost, and an AB which we also lost. Axeelina was in all of them with me. We also did 6 EoS, all of which we won :). The AV started off ok and it looked like we were making progress. We got TP & IBT capped and had IBGY for awhile. Then it seemed like the Horde just took off and overwhelmed our defense. We lost when the Horde killed Vann, I never even got to see Drek. We did one WSG, which was the daily, and we won that. The Alliance was owning in EoS though. We fought in 6 battles and won 6 battles. The closest one was 2000/1740. We really cleaned up on the others too. We had a couple 4 caps and I ran the flag quite a few times. I had a really good time and maxed out my Eye of the Storm Mark of Honor today, you can only have 100 at a time.

I went back into EoS one more time tonight and we won that one too. It was the Alliance's night in EoS :).


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