Saturday, May 10, 2008

Battlegrounds 5/9/07

I fought in a few battlegrounds on Wranngar today. I fought in the 4 AB's I had to do to get my daily done and I also fought in 5 AV's. We won 3 and lost 2. Not too bad of a day for the Alliance. We were doing good rushing FWGY and moving on from there. We had some pretty good defense going and that always helps a lot. In one of the battles the Horde decided to turtle at Frostwolf Keep. That was ok, we just beat them on reinforcements :). We had one bad battle where the Alliance decided to turtle but I got into that one late so it didn't last long for me. The last battle I was in we lost but it was very close. We were on Drek with two towers up and the Horde were on Vann with one tower up and they got Vann down before we could get Drek down. All in all they were some pretty good battles except for that one and that one we lost because half the people went for Galv which resulted in a wipe and turtle.


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