Saturday, May 10, 2008

Scarlet Monastery 5/9/08

I helped out Axeelina today with one of her alt's, Yonezoe, on Wranngar. We did a few runs through Scarlet Monastery for items for Yonezoe to disenchant. She made out pretty well, she got a lot of items and was able to lvl up her enchanting skill. We did one run through the Library, 2 runs through the Armory and 3 runs through the Cathedral. The best part of the runs for me were the flagged Horde outside the instances. I picked up 12 kills while I was there and I stopped at Thelsamore on the way there and killed a 70 Warlock and a 68 Mage a few times that were attacking it. I had 17 kills before I even entered a battleground :).


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