Saturday, May 10, 2008

Daily's Gomorra 5/9/08

I did all my Shattered Sun daily's on Gomorra today along with Shadowmoon Valley, Throne of Kil'Jaeden and the daily cooking. The daily cooking today was Revenge is Tasty again. I picked Barrel of Fish for my reward and pretty much just got some garbage fish I don't even know if I can use. There are only a couple more recipes I need on each and then I will stop doing the daily cooking until they come out with some new recipes as rewards. All together I made around 170 gold today with Gomorra. I also started making cloth again, I made 2 pieces of Shadow Cloth, one piece of Spell Cloth and one piece of Primal Mooncloth. The Primal Mooncloth I will use to make myself a 20 slot bag but the Shadow Cloth and Spell Cloth I will either sell or trade for Primal Mooncloth. It takes 32 days to make 8 pieces of Primal Mooncloth to make a 20 slot bag, there is a 4 day cooldown for each piece.


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