Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sylventa 5/28/08

I worked on my other Druid, Sylventa, a little bit today. She is level 11, her fishing is 110, her cooking is 116 and her first aid is 150. I am going to try to level fishing, cooking and first aid on this one as I go along but I always say that :). With any luck I will on this one though. The problem is when you are questing and leveling you don't want to take the time to work on secondary skills so they suffer then you suffer later when you have to level them up. I know I will get her first aid up, she will have 375 first aid before level 40 like Wranngar did. Wranngar is Feral Spec'd and Sylventa is going to be Resto. I have never tried a healer so this will be a new experience for me, we will see how it works out. I might level her up to around 50 Feral then respec to Resto as it is harder to level Resto/Healer characters.


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