Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Daily's 5/28/08

I did all my Shattered Sun daily's on Wranngar today plus Gaining the Advantage. It didn't take me too long and I was able to send 165 gold to the bank. I also got enough Heavy Clefthoof leather to make another Clefthide Leg Armor kit which I will put on the auction house for no less that 90 gold buyout. I usually get anywhere from 90-120 gold for one depending on what the market is. Any Clefthide Leg Armor kit's listed for under 90 gold when I want to list mine I just buy out and relist, I have made some nice gold doing that too, I got 2 for 70 gold each the other day and resold them for 90 gold making 40 gold profit for nothing :).


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