Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sylventa II 5/28/08

I worked on Sylventa's first aid a little more today, she now has first aid skill of 225. I am not worried about leveling her right now because me and Axeelina will be leveling another set of characters as soon as she is done leveling Yonezoe and this is the one I am going to level. We leveled Wranngar and Axeelina together and it was a lot of fun and it is much easier to level with someone. Yonezoe is level 56 now so it will not be long until she reaches 70. I was on Wranngar last night farming a Blood Elf Bandit Mask for Sylventa when someone I lent some gold to happened to come on and say they had one. I told them I would knock 20 gold off their tab for it and they agreed so I was able to go to sleep, that worked out well for me :).


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