Thursday, June 26, 2008

Battlegrounds 6/26/08

I fought in a couple different battlegrounds tonight. I did Arathi Basin for my daily and also 3 Alterac Valley on Wranngar. We won the first AB I was in, 2000/1370. It was a pretty good fight, we held 3 nodes the whole time but they were constantly changing as we lost one and picked up a new one. The daily battle ground pays 11g99s, 419 honor and 3 marks of honor which in this case were Arathi Basin Mark of Honor. We didn't do as well in AV, there were a lot of AFK and no real teamwork. People were going off and doing their own thing, not working together which cost us all 3 battles. A couple of the plans we were trying to follow were rush FWGY and rush FWRH but they only work if everyone follows the plan and that just wasn't happening. Some people wanted to kill Galv right at the start and when they couldn't get enough people together to kill him they argued about it instead of helping the offense reach an objective. I am not sure which battleground weekend it is but it sure felt like AV weekend, I will have to check and see. (I checked and it is Eye of the Storm weekend) We never even got close to taking down Drek while the Horde took down Vann in 2 of the 3 battles I was in. I think there was only one battle were we actually capped a tower in Frostwolf Keep. All 3 battles turned into a turtle due to lack of teamwork and not having enough offense working towards the same goal to secure a forward graveyard. 3 battles was all I could take, maybe I will try again tomorrow. You can check the Events Calendar to see what is happening and where.


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