Monday, June 23, 2008

Daily Battleground 6/23/08

I'm not sure what today's daily battleground was but I had the AV daily in my quest log from a few days ago so I did that on Wranngar today. We won the first one I was in. I got in the battleground about 10 seconds after it started so I don't know what the plan, if any, was but everyone went for Galv first. Usually doing Galv first results in a loss but today we got lucky. By the time they got Galv down we had SFGY and IBGY capping, I think that is what saved us. I helped cap IBT then moved to IBGY and helped guard that until it capped while others from IBT went to TP and helped cap that. Others bypassed FWGY and went right for FWRH and the towers there. We had quite a few on defense at the start, about half of which were AFK, but then most of them moved up to offense. We lost FWRH and the towers when people decided it would be a good idea to take SHGY while we had IBGY and SFGY, causing the horde to rez at FWGY and basically putting them right on top of us. It turned into a Horde turtle and we ended up getting FWGY then started FWRH capping again. We then took out the towers winning on reinforcements. The Horde weren't doing good at all today, not the usual teamwork you usually see and that was a major factor in us winning after the "Galv first" mistake. The daily battleground pays 11g99s, 418 honor and 3 marks of honor which in this case were Alterac Valley Mark of Honor. I have 100 in the bank so mine were mailed to me and they will disappear after 24 hours.


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