Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Steamvault 6/22/08

After Shattered Halls we decided to try another instance, I said any one would be good except Shattered Halls, I had enough of that one for one day. We got another group together and headed into the Steamvaults, an instance in Zangarmarsh. This group was a lot more organized and we had a Paladin to tank which was better as I am really geared for DPS at the moment and feel more comfortable doing DPS. I can tank normal instances with the gear I have, all epic PvP not PvE gear, but I wouldn't last long as a tank in a Heroic instance. This group consisted of Wranngar as DPS, Yonezoe as healer, Dracesslewis a 70 Paladin as main tank, Strycker a 70 hunter as DPS and crowd control and Ilth of the Shattered Sun as off tank and DPS. We had a lot smoother run in this one with this group. Everything was marked and everyone waited until the main tank had good threat before jumping in. We worked our way through all the bosses to the end without much problem. We got a bunch of greens and some blues. Most of us were there to build rep but one person was there for a key fragment to another instance. All in all a great run and a good time.


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